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Bushfires and heavy rainfall – best we prepare now

Queenslanders are being urged to prepare for severe weather in the coming months.

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Firefighters said residents should be doing all they can to reduce the risk of bushfires.

Last year’s bushfire season wreaked havoc across Australia, with many homes, plantations, forests and farmland destroyed.

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Experts believe many native animal populations would have been decimated as well.

I looked back on the impact of the previous bushfire season on parts of the Fraser Coast and steps being taken by authorities to reduce the risk of another ‘Black Summer’ and some of the measures implemented to launch a speedy response to any out of control fires.

The article was published in The Fraser Coast Beacon magazine’s November 2020 edition (Issue 13).

The piece also looked at the confirmation of La Nina weather conditions off eastern parts of Australia and the weather formations it could usher in.

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More cyclones and higher than average rainfall are on the cards this summer.

Parts of the Sunshine State have already experienced severe storms – including damaging hail stones.

The article stressed the importance of preparing in advance for any possible dangers – especially bushfires.

The need for an up-to-date Bushfire Survival Plan and knowing what you and your loved ones will do in case of an emergency before it happens was emphasised.

Knowing what you will do in advance will allow you to jump into actions and follow the lead of decisions you have already made in a calmer, non-emergency situation.

You can find read the full article in the latest edition of the Beacon – out now.

It looks like this:

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If you are outside of the distribution area, you can read the online version, here.

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