Let’s get one thing straight:

Shaun Ryan Media is all about producing quality content that is properly researched, well-written or presented and delivered on time or before deadline.


Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

Shaun is an experienced print journalist. He has published articles and advertorials in magazines, multiple newspaper titles and worked on a corporate book project as a ghost writer and consultant.


Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

For close on ten years, Shaun worked in the newsroom at a leading commercial radio station in South Africa. Field reporting, live crossings and news anchoring all formed part of his everyday responsibilities.


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Shaun has written content for online platforms and edited the news section of East Coast Radio’s station website for several years. He also managed the department’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Shaun Ryan Media is based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.

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