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Hervey Bay housing crisis

Hervey Bay’s rental market has all but dried up, with many people unable to find adequate housing despite having their finances in order and positive references.

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I analysed the current situation in the region for The Fraser Coast Beacon magazine.

‘Hervey Bay housing: The scramble for rentals’ featured in the November 2020 edition of the magazine (Issue 13).

The piece compared the current situation to the same period in 2019 when my family and I were looking for a rental after arriving in the city. We were spoilt for choice then.

It’s a completely different story now – just 12 months later.

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Estate agents and property industry organisations said most rentals in the region were receiving at least 30 applications after becoming available.

The article explored some of the reasons why there is such a dire situation in local rental market, how the sales market in faring in comparison and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry.

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The latest edition of The Beacon is out now if you want to read the article in full.

If you’re not in the distribution area, you can access the electronic version of magazine, here.

Interestingly, one Hervey Bay real estate agent said a property sold within eight hours after being listed.

Properties in the region are in such demand that people are buying over the Internet without inspecting them in person.

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