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Sharing local news with the world

The bushfires that continue to rage on the World Heritage listed Fraser Island (K’gari) are grabbing headlines across the world.

Smoke from a bushfire raging on Fraser Island (K’gari) reaches for the sky. Photo captured across the bay from River Heads.
PHOTO: Shaun Ryan Media.

The blaze has been burning since mid-October, allegedly sparked by an illegal campfire that was not properly extinguished.

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Crews have been tackling the blaze from the air and on the ground.

I have covered the story locally and also provided updates for a South African radio station.

Photos, an online article as well as a radio script produced for the assignment.

With nearly 10 years in a radio newsroom, it was great to get back into the game – even it was just for the day.

Thanks to the team at East Coast Radio for letting me contribute content from ‘Down Under’.

With the world becoming smaller and the ease at which content producers and journalists can file news remotely, I believe there is greater opportunity for people to work together on different assignments irrespective of where they are based geographically.

For the story, I chatted to a former South African resident now living in Hervey Bay to learn more about their experiences of the fire and what K’gari means to the local community and why it is such an important place for the Fraser Coast region.

This allowed for an international story (Australian) to be localized and made relevant to a South African listener or reader.

Should you require a news correspondent for a story happening in an area where your team is not, but I am, get in touch and we can start chatting. Fill in the form on my Contacts page or hit me up on my socials.

By Shaun Ryan

Published by shaunryanmedia

Freelance journalist based in Queensland, Australia.

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