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Good news for the Fraser Coast

February 2021
For immediate release.

It is with great excitement that Shaun Ryan Media launches Good News Fraser Coast.

The free online news platform is geared towards sharing positive and inspiring news stories from the whale watching capital of the world.

Shaun Ryan Media has been piecing together an easy-to-read and navigate website that looks to break the cycle of negativity that often finds its way into our social media newsfeeds and, therefore, our homes and everyday lives.

Good News Fraser Coast is a subscription-free news website that wants to help tell the stories that make us smile and look for the positive in the region and, if it’s really quality content, perhaps from across Australia and the rest of the world too!

Good News Fraser Coast is all about positive and interesting news – including updates on the environment and travel, business, lifestyle and sport. If you want a positive news story told, get hold of us and we’ll happily consider it for publication.

While Good News Fraser Coast focuses on positive news stories, it’s not a ‘head-in-the-ground’ media platform. Good News Fraser Coast recognises the importance of hard news that might focus on the so-called ‘negative’. While stories covering issues like crime, corruption, natural disasters and very often political mudslinging have an important place on the media landscape, they can exist on other platforms.

Having worked as a hard news journalist for more than a decade, abroad and in Australia, Shaun Ryan knows how draining a constant supply of negative news can be. Car crashes, fires, crime and tragedy, to name but a few, are realities of everyday life but also attract audiences to websites and news feeds. As a result, they often drown out the positive updates that also deserve a platform. Having a social media newsfeed that is inundated with negativity takes its toll on news producers and consumers. The intention behind Good News Fraser Coast is to break the constant supply of bad news and give readers something good to engage and smile about.

The platform’s business model is one based on free access to information for the consumer. This means we need to attract local advertisers to help pay the bills and keep the website churning out quality content. If you want your brand or business to be seen on the website or its social media pages, check out the ‘Advertise with Us’ link on https://good-news-fraser-coast.


For more information, contact:
Shaun Ryan

Published by shaunryanmedia

Freelance journalist based in Queensland, Australia.

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