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BOOK REVIEW: Sally the Sausage Dog Visits the Vet

Title: Sally the Sausage Dog Visits the Vet
Author: Nick Harry

Author Nick Harry and Sally the sausage dog at the official launch of his first book at the Fraser Coast Anglican College in Hervey Bay. PHOTO: Shaun Ryan.

My four-year-old loves Sally the sausage dog!

“Yay, Sally the sausage dog” were the words that raced out of his mouth when he received his own, signed copy of the book during its official launch.

Sally the Sausage Dog Visits the Vet is Hervey Bay’s latest literary adventure aimed at young children and their parents. It’s a wonderful bedtime story filled with rhyme, new experiences, life lessons and friendship.

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Author and junior school teacher Nick Harry tells a wonderful story about a courageous little sausage dog named Sally and her adventures around the garden, weekend beach walks and, oh no, a visit to the vet!

Sally the Sausage Dog Visits the Vet is one of those books that has time on its side.

It’s a cute story to read to your little one before bed. Snuggled up close you can navigate the adventure together, stopping to look at the beautiful illustrations and find Sally’s favourite toy ‘Ringo the Flamingo’ – hidden cheekily on each page.

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But the story won’t end there. When your little one is old enough to read by themselves, or to you, the lessons shared will continue to resonate.

It’s not one of those books that is obviously for kindy-aged kids or junior school students.

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It straddles between time with mom and dad before bed and what will become independent reading for older children.

Mr Harry said during the launch of the book that he wanted to present a story that would help children learn about resilience, friendship, confidence and trust.

And he did just that.

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The story is told through Sally’s eyes and – while those eyes might be close to the ground – she’s a courageous little character who will speak directly to many children. Sally’s adventures become a vehicle for sharing some of life’s lessons.

The book is Mr Harry’s first publication and hopefully won’t be his last.

The author said during Book Week 2020 that he would love to write a series of Sally the Sausage Dog books, each containing a special message and theme for the readers.

“Right now though, I hope this book encourages children and their parents to read and write,” he said at the official launch at the Fraser Coast Anglican College last week.

“Teaching is my passion and I like interacting with children of all ages,” Mr Harry explained.

“I understand how my students think and I love learning how to better communicate with them. I have learnt so much during the process of writing and publishing this book. It is important that students know teachers learn too,” he said.

Sally the Sausage Dog Visits the Vet is a great debut story by Mr Harry and comes just in time for Christmas.

Oh yes, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of Sally’s real-life adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

The star of the book is based on the adventures of Mr Harry’s pet, Sally!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

By Shaun Ryan

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