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Top Ten Instagram photos from the Fraser Coast

Last week I shared some of my favourite photos that I have taken on the Fraser Coast since relocating the region.

Urangan Pier shadows. PHOTO: @frasercoastmissions

While not a professional photographer by any stretch, the photos all mean something to me as a resident, husband and father.

Whether it was a quick family play on the beach at sunset, a walk along the Esplanade or a weekend excursion to the Mary Ann steam train in Maryborough, they are pictures that evoke a positive memory.

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They tell a little story about our time here on the Fraser Coast as new residents and community members.

Having said that, I have come across the work of some amazing photographers since starting the @frasercoastmissions Instagram page.

Some are professional photographers capturing the real beauty of the area, while others are eager amateurs showcasing their talents or even locals and holidaymakers sharing photos that remind them of a great experience.

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Below are my top 10 photos taken on the Fraser Coast by photographers, amateurs and locals or visitors and reposted with permission on @frasercoastmissions.

The images might not be the ones that have attracted the most likes or engagement on the page, but they are photos that resonate with me and have made me think about weekend getaway options and activities – the original purpose behind @frasercoastmissions.

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It is really easy to tell why the Fraser Coast is one of Queensland and Australia’s top holiday destinations!

1. Urangan pier sunrise

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2. Hervey Bay whale watching

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3. Tuan Forest

4. Hervey Bay Motocross Track

5. Underwater off Point Vernon

6. Maheno Shipwreck from the sky, Fraser Island (K’gari)

7. Hervey Bay Sunset

8. Maryborough Story Trail

9. Lake McKenzie

10. Maryborough Street Art

You can share your favourite photos with @frasercoastmissions on Instagram. Tag @frasercoastmissions and use #frasercoastmissions.

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By Shaun Ryan

Published by shaunryanmedia

Freelance journalist based in Queensland, Australia.

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