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Foo’s Dave Grohl keeps getting it right

I am a Foo Fighters fan. There is no doubt about it. While still at school and university I’d spend hours at the local mall listening to the band’s CDs.

Dave Grohl performs custom song for 10-year-old fan. PHOTO: Twitter screenshot, @foofighters.

I’m not sure why I had to listen to them there, I always bought the latest release and added it to my growing collection.

By the way, this is my favourite music DVD – Foo Fighters: Live at Wembley Stadium. It’s a really cool taste of what the band has to offer and includes some ‘slightly famous’ guests at the end of the show.

It’s good quality music made by real musicians.

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I remember how stoked I was when the band announced they’d be touring South Africa. My friends and I immediately bought tickets and planned our road trip from Durban to Johannesburg for the Soweto edition of the tour.

The music was loud.

Dave Grohl swore a lot – but not in an offensive way. He came across as being a normal bloke with a kickass job. He probably burped after sinking a beer on stage too. I can’t remember.

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Other than releasing classic albums at will, I was first taken in by the Foo Fighters’ music videos. They were funny. Well made. But funny.

Most people would surf YouTube to find music videos or clips from live performances. I did the same but also searched for interviews. Dave is a naturally funny man and he tells a good story.

Learn more about how the Foo Fighters grew from a one-man band to one of rock’s mega groups with Foo Fighters: The Band That Dave Made – just in time for Christmas too!

My favourite interview has Dave and Foo’s drummer Taylor Hawkins meeting up with Jane Kennedy from Triple M’s Kennedy Molloy.

The rockers kick back on a couch – without shoes if I recall correctly – and just start talking.

Dave and Taylor ask Jane if she wants to go ahead with her interview questions or if they can tell her a story.

She opts for the story and I laughed hard for the next five minutes. It’s comedy gold. And if it’s all true (and only slightly embellished) it’s even better.

Since becoming a father myself, my appreciation for Dave Grohl has increased even more.

He talks about his kids. He performs with them on stage. It’s awesome.

He makes being a good dad cool.

Dave has recently made headlines and trended on social media platforms for his running drum battle with 10-year-old Nandi Bushell.

The dual got so intense Dave followed it up with a custom song for her released on the Foo Fighters Twitter feed.

For those in South Africa, Nandi’s social media profile says she has Zulu heritage. Claim it. She’s good.

One could argue that it’s all just really good marketing, but the sentiment is real. Dave acknowledges the young girl’s talent and comes across as someone who really cares about his fans, rock music and the future of the industry.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, it’s well worth the time.

Despite being the frontman of one of the biggest bands in the world, Dave is also keen to mix it up with kids TV characters.

We were getting my son ready for swimming lessons one Saturday morning and we put the TV on to help speed up the process.

Sesame Street was on. Great.

But so was Dave Grohl.

There’s the lead singer of the Foo Fighters – a man whose performed with members of Queen and Led Zepplin – singing with Elmo, a frikken Muppet, and Big Bird about making friends all across America.

There’s a catchy tune too and you kind of want to start tapping your foot.

I think Dave won my 3-year-old over on the music appreciation side of things and I’m pretty sure he now thinks Mr Grohl is cooler than me too.

But I’m ok with that.

That’s my battle.

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