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Welcome to Shaun Ryan Media

Firstly, a big congratulations for landing on my page! Thank you for taking the time to browse through my site and for wanting to learn a little bit more about Shaun Ryan Media.

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I am a freelance journalist based on the beautiful Fraser Coast in Queensland, Australia.

My wife, son and I relocated to the whale watching capital of the world in November 2019 – just in time to watch the Springboks win the Rugby World Cup for a third time.

On this page, you will learn more about the different articles that I publish and how I might be able to contribute to your magazine, newspaper, radio station or website.

Even though I am based in Australia, I believe the modern media environment allows people to produce articles and content for different publications, outlets and platforms irrespective of where they are physically based.

I have extensive media experience in Durban, South Africa having worked in local newspaper and radio newsrooms.

I might also post the odd blog or two on topics I find interesting, funny and perhaps even a little odd.

If you would like to know more about me and my writing or how I could assist your company or publication, flick me an Email and we can get our conversation started.

By Shaun Ryan

Published by shaunryanmedia

Freelance journalist based in Queensland, Australia.

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